Eliminate the hassle of painting or staining. Never again worry about that orange, rusting wrought iron or that rotting, loose wood. (A splinter from pressure treated wood a good source of vitamin arsenic).

This is not the aluminum railing you see at your lumber store. Craft-Bilt Structural Railing is designed to meet the Ontario Building Code (which is tougher than most provincial codes). Our post caps, wall brackets and unique post bracket covers are made from CNC machined or die-cast aluminum… not plastic. One look at the heavy aluminum post and you will be impressed with the difference. Let your Craft-Bilt dealer show you how our unique design eliminates the reliance on screws that other companies use to hold their systems together.

But strength isn’t our only feature. The beauty of Craft-Bilt Structural Railing is in it’s clean lines. There are no protruding splicers or couplings, everything is flush and smooth. The modern, substantive appearance will add value and “curb appeal” to your property.


Railing that lasts a lifetime: that’s the Al-Mar system. It’s made with a unique vinyl formula, incredibly strong and durable, which will never rot, split, blister, rust or ever need painting or staining. It’s also available with either routed or bracketed post systems, and post trim for a beautiful, finished look. With a flexible selection of caps, colors and styles, we offer one of the finest lines of railings on the market.

Available colours: White, Beige

Vinyl styles you might like

Railing4 Railing1 Railing2 Railing3

Here are a few Craft-Bilt implementation examples