Our decking is made from 6005-T6 structural alloy. Testing by The Trow Associates has shown that the 1″ x 6″ boards can sustain 1085 pounds per square foot on 24″ centers! The decking has passed the ASTM B117 salt fog spray test on new ACQ treated lumber.

Our Super-Durable exterior powder coat finish exceeds the highest AAMA 2605 specification. The AAMA 2605 specification includes chemical resistance, fading, gloss retention, 4000 hour salt spray and many other proper- ties.

It has also been tested against common household spills such as ketchup, mustard and beer with no change after four weeks of exposure. The powder coat contains an embedded crumble for a true non-skid finish. The attractive trim for the perimeter of the deck has been designed with a 5/8″ opening to receive skirting material.


Imagine a place where your children could play and never have fears of splinters or abrasions. Imagine them running barefoot and careless, without a thought to a loose board or rusted nail. Where even under a midday sun, the porch would be cool to their touch. Well with an Al-Mar vinyl deck system, that’s exactly what you’ll get, with the maintenance performance that only we can afford to offer. It doesn’t mean there’ll never be tears, but it certainly goes a long way to help.

  • 100% virgin vinyl
  • Slip resistant embossed surface
  • UV Protection resists fading
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Comfortably cool to touch
  • No chipping, flaking, rusting

All this and a surprisingly comfortable price!

Why Vinyl?

Compared to metal or wood, vinyl stands up to the harshest weather conditions without rotting or rusting. Hard water deposits from yard sprinklers require most conventional fences to be repainted, but stains clean easily from vinyl. Initially, the purchase price of vinyl is slightly higher than wood, but it will save you money long term due to:

  • Virtually no maintenance or replacement costs
  • The value of property may actually increase over time because of the continually “brand new” appearance year after year, and
  • The limited lifetime transferable warranty

The new vinyl deck you install today, will still look as good as new years from now without the expensive upkeep required by other conventional deck materials. There is also no risk of injury to children or pets from slivers or splinters, harsh chemicals, and no concern of rust, corrosion or termite infestation that could destroy the investment you have in your deck.

Vekadeck and Gorilla Deck

gorilla_deck VEKAdeck_dock VEKAdeck_deck